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Welcome to Nigel Moxley's Digital Art





Here you will find colourful pictures of landscapes and nature, covering a wide range of locations from the English countryside to exotic tropical islands. I have used digital photographic techniques to produce romantic and impressionistic images which I think go beyond photography and into the realm of painting. This web site includes a large selection of my pictures produced from 2006 to 2017. If anyone is interested in acquiring a picture please email me. In addition to my more traditional oak framed works, I am now printing some pictures on canvas. I am also producing some pictures laminated and mounted on aluminium - as well as having a modern look they are water resistant.





Over the last few years I have been concentrating on converging to a main style for my pictures. Examples of this can be seen on this page and the web site. As this is just a hobby, I will not be exhibiting for the foreseeable future. However I do intend to continue creating new pictures and they will appear on the site from time to time.


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